Black Siren's Song Cover.jpg

Black Siren's Song

Welcome to Pearl’s Cove, where the sun shines bright, the water glistens, and men are on the dinner menu. 


After a summer on the road, paranormal investigator Aiden and lunar witch Selene arrive in the beach town Pearl’s Cove. But things aren’t so sunny in the tourist town—men are going missing, and their bones are washing up on shore. Locals believe a monstrous sea creature is behind the attacks. Some even claim to have seen the creature lurking among the ocean tides. 


As if matters can’t get any worse, someone from Aiden’s past shows up, and she’s a little too happy to cause friction between the partners turned lovers. Now they must navigate the stormy waters of not only the ocean itself, but of their relationship, too. With more victims turning up and time running out, one bone-chilling thing becomes clear: Aiden is the next man on the menu.

COMING this October...