"Samara frowned, staring at the young couple with giant smiles plastered across their faces. Then it dawned on her as she spotted the resemblance. The broad-shouldered man with a chiseled jaw and flashy grin was Gramps.  He looked almost exactly like Reed except for his hazel eyes. Her frown flipped upside down into an amused smile. Young Gramps was fine. Just as fine as Reed."

Bucky Ward


A man who has been to hell and back, Bucky Ward fell hard for the beautiful, enigmatic divorcee at a coffeeshop. Bunny Baxter was off-limits in every way, but Bucky believed in fighting for what you want. He fought long and hard to be at her side, but discovered that sometimes love still isn't enough.

Now he's out to guide his surrogate godson, Chase Collins, in hopes he doesn't make the same mistakes from his past.